At C&V Home Inspection Services, we provide buyers, sellers, property owners, agents, and municipalities with vital information essential to evaluating the condition of a residence or property. Our in-depth, thorough inspection services observe all major aspects of a building during the course of inspection and provide valuable data pertinent to the inspection being conducted.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

This inspection will help determine how well your home will perform during inclement weather such as a tropical storm or a hurricane. During this inspection we will review the roof covering, the shape, how your roof is attached and strapped, and your level of hurricane protection (windows/shutters). A detailed wind mitigation inspection can help provide reduced insurance premiums.

Four Point Inspection

Typically required when purchasing older homes by insurance companies to properly analyze specific components, these inspections focus on four major areas of the home that commonly result in insurance claims. These specific items include the HVAC system, electrical system, plumbing, and the roof. During this visual inspection, our home inspectors will review the condition of these systems.

Wind Mitigation & Four Point Inspection Bundle

Do you require both a wind mitigation and four point inspection for your property? If so, this packaged inspection bundle is right for you!

Condo & Manufactured Home Inspection

While no two condo inspections are the same, our inspectors are trained and certified to properly inspect the residence and provide thorough, detailed reporting of their findings.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

Obtain peace of mind with a detailed inspection of your new home prior to your warranty expiring. Performing a detailed home inspection helps identify shortcomings within the home to provide to the builder to appropriately fix within the home’s warranty period.

Move-In Certified Inspection

Take the guesswork out of selling your home. Receive a detailed home inspection from C&V Home Inspection Services to provide clarity on what minor/major items need attention prior to listing your home. Obtain the maximum market value for your home with confidence with a move-in certified inspection!

New Construction Phase Inspection

If you’re currently building a home and are concerned that the builder has used sub-par contractors to cut corners, we can help! Our new construction phase inspections provide a 3rd party opinion and evaluation of the home systems being installed. From foundation to final inspection we’re here to help.